Portrait Artistry by Yunsoon Jeon

Over the past decade and a half, Yunsoon Jeon has established her portrait studio at MotoPhoto as one of the finest on the North Shore.

Serving mothers, seniors and business people alike—shooting portraits in our on-site studio as well as on location or even at the beach, Yunsoon works one-on-one with her clients, from their initial consultation, to their fun and casual photo sessions, to the selection, printing and finishing of their final works of art.

Take a look at the samples of her work and client testimonials on this site. We're certain you'll agree that she will bring something special to your next personal, business or family portrait.


I finally decided I had to put my compliments about your portrait services in writing. You and I have worked together for over a year now on 5 separate portrait sessions, photographing my teenage son as well as my granddaughter (as a baby and now as a toddler).

Every session has given me many more wonderful images to choose from than I expect, even now when I know to expect a lot! You have quite a special talent for catching the kids at their essence… which includes some quizzical, some serious, and some hilarious expressions. I so appreciate your ability to connect with each of them to have the sessions become truly about them, and not overly posed or preplanned. You have a gift to be able to allow such freedom while at the same time guiding the kids and maintaining all technical control of various lighting and camera angles.

We are also so pleased with all the final prints we order… framed and unframed, 8x10 and all the wallets. The color images are consistently accurate to skin tone, and the black-and-white images have an energy and elegance to then that is very special.

You can't tell from this letter, but I am not someone who is easily pleased!

Many thanks, and see you soon…

Kathryn Horning, Evanston

After receiving your name and address, I simply had to write and tell you how very delighted I am with the album of pictures you made for us. That special, wonderful day comes alive again. I can’t count the many times I have looked at it already—let alone the treasure it will be for me in my years ahead.

My whole family will have it long after we are no longer here, especially the younger generation.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Agnes Irwin